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Personal. Experienced. Innovative.

We combine personality, digital expertise, and the highest quality consultancy.

With over 100 years, Breffka & Hehnke is one of the most seasoned and dependable partners in the insurance market. As a modern, independent family business, we have acted as a competent contact for insurance for over four generations. In this role, we serve as a multiple agent, linking selected insurance companies and our clients.

Our average tenure of 13 years fosters a warm and trusting atmosphere. Employee loyalty is our focus, and we are always ready to listen and find solutions for any situation. New team members benefit from the experience of our long-standing employees, who ensure our high standards for individual and personal customer service.

The continuity and reliability we offer are our top priorities. Consistency, trustworthiness and strong customer relationships are our guiding principles.

The familial atmosphere at Breffka & Hehnke creates space for personal growth and allows our staff to thrive in an innovative environment. Our culture combines the strengths of tradition with the possibilities of modernity, thus laying the foundation for our success.

At Breffka & Hehnke, we understand that security and protection are the cornerstones of a carefree life. Our mission is to assist individuals and businesses in safeguarding their valuable assets and insuring against unforeseen risks. We are committed to providing tailored insurance solutions that are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Customer Centricity

Our customers are at the heart of our actions. We aim to support our customers optimally by providing them comprehensive insurance coverage and standing by them in all life situations.


We take pride in developing digital and innovative solutions. We do not shy away from challenges and embrace changes as opportunities for digital and modern growth.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Our team works closely together to achieve the best results. We value diversity and create an environment where everyone can realize their full potential.

Your Personal Benefits at Breffka & Hehnke

Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance: Harmonizing Work and Personal Life

Discover the benefits of a flexible work environment that allows you to optimally coordinate your professional and personal commitments.

  • Working Hours: You have flexible working hours and the option for remote work.
  • Vacation: Enjoy 30 vacation days per year.

Our flexible working conditions not only help improve your work-life balance but are also aimed at enhancing your professional development and satisfaction. Discover how you can harmonize your personal and professional goals with us.

Mitarbeiter Benefits

More Than Money: Our Additional Benefits

Leverage our financial benefits for greater satisfaction:

  • Pension Scheme Contribution: We support your financial future with a contribution to the pension scheme.
  • Company Health Insurance: With our company health insurance, you have access to services such as vision aids, remedies, dental prostheses, and more.
  • Company Accident Insurance: Your safety at work is our top priority. Our insurance offers protection and support in case of work-related accidents.
  • Public Transport (VRR) Cost Subsidy: Save money and contribute to environmental protection with our generous subsidy for public transport costs.

Your Opportunities for Further Education and Training!

At our company, we place a high value on your professional development and offer a variety of individual training and further education opportunities:

  • Onboarding: Our introductory program makes it easier for you to start in your new work environment and ensures quick integration.
  • Training and Further Education Opportunities: You have access to continuous training and further education opportunities.

The individual further education opportunities are aimed at enhancing your professional skills and fostering your growth.