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Loss of Profit Insurance:
Your Shield Against Financial Risks

Secure Your Revenues:
An Overview of Loss of Profit Insurance

Loss of Profit Insurance is a crucial measure for your business to protect against financial losses resulting from operational interruptions. Damage events such as fires or natural disasters can significantly impair operational capability, leading to revenue and profit losses.

Loss of Profit Insurance reimburses your company for the lost operational profit and ongoing fixed costs, including salaries, wages, and commissions, for a predetermined period, often up to 36 months.

The insurance coverage can be customized to protect your business against various risks such as fire, burglary, hail, storm, and more.

In cases where production comes to a halt, Loss of Profit Insurance protects against costs but does not cover the repair or replacement of damaged property. In such instances, additional Commercial Property Insurance may be advisable.

Loss of Profit Insurance ensures corporate security during turbulent times. Our expert team is available for personalized consultation, providing you with the assurance and guidance your business needs.

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Loss of Profit Insurance