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Vehicle Fleet Insurance:
Safe on the Road, Successful in Business

Your Fleet in Safe Hands

For businesses operating a fleet, unexpected vehicle breakdowns, whether due to accidents, theft, or other unforeseen events, can have significant financial repercussions. With the operational readiness of the vehicles compromised, but ongoing expenses like vehicle financing, maintenance, and other operational obligations continuing, the company's financial stability can quickly be at risk. Vehicle fleet insurance is therefore essential to safeguard against such risks. It not only provides financial security in times of crisis but also helps maintain the operational capability and financial health of the fleet in the long term.

At Breffka & Hehnke, we understand the importance of reliable protection for your fleet for the success of your business. With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in fleet insurance, we offer you tailor-made solutions precisely aligned with the needs of your business. Discover how we can support you in effectively securing your vehicle fleet, thus strengthening the foundation of your business success in the long term.

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What is Fleet Vehicle Insurance?

For businesses operating a fleet, it's crucial to efficiently and safely manage all vehicles. The costs of repairs, maintenance, and potential damages can be significant, substantially increasing operational expenses. Moreover, the risk of accidents and damages escalates with the number of vehicles.

Fleet insurance provides comprehensive protection for all your company's vehicles. It covers damages and liability claims that may arise during the operation of your vehicle fleet. This significantly contributes to the financial stability and predictability of your company by minimizing unexpected costs and simplifying management. This way, your operational liquidity is protected, and the efficiency of your fleet is ensured.

What Services Does Fleet Vehicle Insurance Offer?

  • Comprehensive Damage Protection: Covers damages due to accidents, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters to all vehicles in your fleet.
  • Liability Coverage: Protects against financial claims from third parties for damages caused by your vehicles.
  • Flexibility in Vehicle Coverage: Allows customization of insurance protection for different vehicle types and uses within the fleet.
  • Protection Against Business Interruptions: Offers financial support tomaintain operations if vehicles are not operational due to an insureddamage.
  • Additional Options: The possibility to include extra services like breakdown assistance, protection letters, or coverage for vehicle equipment and accessories.
  • Individual Rate Structure: Considers the specific needs and risk profiles of the company to offer tailored rates.
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FAQs on Fleet Vehicle Insurance