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Car Insurance -
Vehicle Protection at the
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Be safe on the road

Our goal is to provide you with a reliable car insurance not only to offer the required insurance protection for your vehicle but also to give you the confidence and assurance that you are worry-free on the roads.

Car liability insurance is legally required for every vehicle owner in Europe. Both private individuals and businesses are obligated to insure their vehicles accordingly to protect themselves and others from financial risks.

Additional components, such as partial coverage insurance and comprehensive insurance, can be added to the car liability insurance.

Our tailor-made car insurance solutions cover a wide range of vehicles, such as passenger cars (PC), commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, electric vehicles, motorhomes, and caravans.

In the event of an accident or damage, we work swiftly to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

We are happy to advise you and find the best offer for you.

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FAQs on Private Car Insurance