Aufnahme vom Rhein in Düsseldorf. Ein Tanker fährt auf dem Rhein und im Hintergrund steht der Fernsehturm.

Traveling worldwide for generations and rooted in Düsseldorf.

Over 100 Years of Breffka & Hehnke - Our History at a Glance

1922: In Düsseldorf, Emil Hehnke and Constantin Breffka established our company's foundation. From the start, we nurtured partnerships with trade, industry, and commerce companies, securing our first long-term general transport policy.

1948: The currency reform injected new momentum when Alfred Hehnke, son of Emil Hehnke, joined the company.

1973: Under Alfred Hehnke's leadership, we evolved into an international insurance broker for transport, property, liability, and personal insurance.

1983: With the entry of Karin Hehnke, Alfred Hehnke's eldest daughter, our team was strengthened.

1984: Her husband, Thomas Werthmöller, also became part of our family business.

80s and 90s: Our business grew steadily, establishing ourselves as a significant underwriter in steel insurance, especially in transport insurance.

1993: Acquiring Brügelmann & Douqué, a private insurance broker in Germany, expanded our client base in heavy industry.

2008: Following Alfred Hehnke's death, Dr. Thomas Werthmöller, his son-in-law, took over the company in the third generation.

2016: The acquisition of the contracts from UIB, a transport insurance broker based in Hamburg, solidified our position and brought valuable clients from the steel industry.

2022: We proudly celebrated our 100-year company anniversary, marked by the entry of the 4th generation: Niclas and Marc Werthmöller, sons of Dr. Thomas Werthmöller.

2023: Our client base continues to include many medium-sized companies, some from our earliest days. Continuity and reliability are the cornerstones of our medium-sized family business. Consistency, dependability, and trust shape our customer relationships and will remain our hallmark in the future.