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D&O Insurance:
Protection for Executives and Board Members

Benefits of D&O Insurance

D&O insurance, short for "Directors and Officers Insurance," is a liability insurance specifically tailored for managers, board members, and supervisory board members. It covers your company (internal liability) and third-party claims (external liability).

In terms of internal liability, executives are protected if they have to be liable to their own company in the event of damage. External liability, on the other hand, concerns the direct liability of managers to third parties outside the company. This can encompass a range of areas, such as non-payment of taxes and duties, violations of capital maintenance regulations, breaches of customs regulations, or liability issues related to grants.

Discover how we can assist you in ensuring that you and your executives enjoy the appropriate protection that D&O insurance offers. Your financial security and that of your company are our top priority.

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E&O Insurance

The E&O insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions insurance, provides protection against the financial consequences of liability claims arising from mistakes, omissions, negligence, or inadequate performance in operational business. In most cases, companies are liable not only for their own errors but also for those of their employees.
This insurance offers security and contributes to maintaining the reputation and financial stability of your company.

FAQs about
D&O Insurance