Marine Underwriting and Risk Prevention

Globally Insured

As a family-owned business for over 100 years, our company specializes in brokering insurance, particularly for a large number of corporate clients both domestically and internationally. A focal point of our activity is in the field of marine cargo insurance, especially in the insurance of steel transports worldwide.

In selecting insurers, we ensure that we only collaborate with top-tier companies specialized in transport insurance. The leading insurer is typically AXA Insurance AG - other risk carriers include Allianz, ERGO, and HDI Global.

Transport Steel Coils

Long-standing Expertise in the Steel Sector

Our clientele includes renowned steel traders, producers or suppliers, steel service centers, and warehouse keepers worldwide. Thanks to these business relationships, some spanning decades, we possess detailed knowledge of every process in steel manufacturing, processing, and distribution, from raw materials to highly sensitive flat steel products.

  • We are acquainted with our clients' sources of supply and thus have information on nearly all major supply plants, understanding how the material is handled and then shipped in various countries.
  • To offer our clients optimal service, we collaborate with an established network of experts. Moreover, we consult with attorneys specialized in international transport law, enabling us to ensure professional management of all claims.

We systematically analyze damages and apply this knowledge purposefully in damage prevention.

Tailored Solutions

  • Customized Transport/Warehouse Insurance Policies
  • Analysis of Causes of Damage and Risk Potentials
  • Seamless Security throughout the Entire Supply Chain
  • Preventive Concepts for Claim Minimization
  • Rapid Processing of All Claims Continuous
  • Optimization of Insurance Policies

Our Claim Prevention System

  • Factory Inspections to Enhance Packaging or Optimize Logistics, e.g., Transport to Ports, Storage, or Handling.
  • Pre-Shipment, Loading, and Unloading Inspections
  • Covering of Goods in the Hatch
  • Ram-Neck Tape

Special Services from B&H

  • Availability Beyond Office Hours
  • Global Network of Attorneys and Experts
  • Bordereau Agreements for Minor Claims
  • Online Insurance Certificates